Agree OGG to MP3 AMR WAV Converter

Agree OGG to MP3 AMR WAV Converter 5.0

Flexible audio conversion tool to re-encode your Ogg files into various formats
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Agree OGG to MP3 AMR WAV Converter is a flexible audio conversion tool capable of re-encoding OGG files into any of the most common audio formats out there, such as MP3, WAV, M4A, AC3, AMR, or AAC. The program offers you support for batch conversion and a series of useful conversion profiles that make the whole re-encoding process a simple and rewarding task.

The program's interface is clear and easy to get familiar with. Probably the only element in it that may cause some confusion is the screen preview: in an audio conversion tool it does not seem to make much sense, but that will give you the possibility of playing back your files before actually converting them into other formats. For every output format you select, a drop-down menu of quality profiles will display its options. These vary from "Low quality" to "Superb quality", "Normal quality" being the default setting. There is also an option to "Retain original data", which will encode the output files using the same level of quality as that of the source files. For those who know a bit more about audio codecs, there are a few parameters that allow for customization - the "audio quality" (the file's bit rate, actually), the sample rate, mono or stereo output, and the volume level. Just like the video preview window, "Frame rate" and "Aspect" do not apply here.

The conversion process itself is pretty fast and the results are quite satisfactory, quality-wise. I think it should be mentioned that, as an extra, this utility comes with a Tomato YouTube Video Downloader - the use of a Flash video downloader in an Ogg-based audio conversion program is beyond me.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Support for some of the most widely-used audio formats
  • Output quality profiles available
  • Batch conversion supported


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